Circular No. 1196

New Development of the Hong Kong Doctors Homepage

As recently approved by the Medical Council of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Doctors Homepage ( now opens additional information to the public, which would greatly facilitate patients' search for suitable doctors. The newly approved fields include:

  1. Passport-type photograph of the doctor
  2. Gender of the doctor
  3. Languages(s) / dialect(s) spoken
  4. Medical services available in the doctors' office (maximum 5 items)
  5. Medical services provided other than in the doctors' office (maximum 5 items)
  6. Range of consultation fees, or composite fees including consultation and basic medicine for a certain number of days
  7. Affiliated hospital
  8. Medical procedure and operation (maximum 5 items) and range of fees


You are invited to visit your personal practice page and provide up-to-dated information via fax (2865 0943), email to, by mail or in person. Please be reminded that you do not need to re-submit information that does not require amendment. All amendments are free of charge, except the image scanning fee of $50. For members joining the Homepage for the first time, please complete the enclosed form and return the same to the Secretariat via mail. Non-members are required to pay $200 for their first registration.


最近香港醫生網 ( 獲醫務委員會批准開放更多資料予公眾人士瀏覽,讓病 人更加容易尋得合適醫生。剛獲批准公開的資料包括:

  1. 醫生的證件照片
  2. 醫生性別
  3. 所操語言或方言
  4. 醫生在診所內所提供的醫療服務 (只限五項)
  5. 醫生在診所以外所提供的醫療服務 ((只限五項)
  6. 診金範圍,或包括數日藥物的綜合診金
  7. 使用醫院
  8. 提供的醫療程序及手術(只限五項)及收費


請你盡快核對你登錄於網上的個人資料。若有資料需要更新,請以書面形式透過電郵致 ( 、傳真(2865 0943)、郵遞或專人交回秘書處,無需更改的部份則不必再填寫。除圖 片掃描費為五十元外,更新資料一概免除手續費。


22 April 2004 二零零四年四月二十二日 Dr. Steven S.L. Li 李少隆醫生
Hon. Secretary 義務秘書